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Active Trader

Active Trader

This course is for advanced traders. We will be showing you what is inside the head of a day and a swing trader. What a trader thinks, the mindset of trade execution, the risk reward ratio calculations and where the stops and profit targets should be placed. As a day and a swing trader you may hold open a position from fifteen minutes to a few hours to days but most positions. We will provide you with an abundance of study material and resources as well as support so that you can master no matter your trading skills.

The curriculum for advance trader

  • Introduction to the market and instruments of trading
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Japanese Candlesticks and confirmations
  • Charts and pattern analysis
  • Market Indicators
  • Psychology of trading
  • Order of trading and rules of trading
  • Capital Management
  • Strategies of trading
  • Management Position, Money Management
  • Trading risks and risk management techniques
  • System Testing
  • Trading Journal and daily documentation in trading
  • Practical experience on the professional trading platform

Course Details

  • Course type: On location
  • Duration: The course lasts 12 days
  • Consists of an intensive 3 hour period each day
  • Days: Tuesday — Thursday
  • Time: 17H00 –20H00

After the first level, the goal is that you understand where you trade, with what you trade and how to trade on a certain market. To be able to read all forms of financial information pertaining to trading. To understand Technical and Fundamental analysis, the reasoning behind the making of decisions to buy or sell, risk management techniques, money management, to know what is needed to make a Business Trading Plan, Trading Journal and how to select the instrument for trade and the strategy of trading. A component of the course (FOREX) is dedicated to the practical experience on a real-time platform with instructions given to students to buy and sell, as well as the application of theoretical knowledge of technical analysis in practice.

The price of the course is R12, 000 (tax included).

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This is all about the fundamentals of trading.  In this coursework we cover what we consider the crucial core fundamentals to be a successful active trader.  Some of those areas are:

  • Choosing a Broker
  • Selecting Your Charting Platform
  • The Right Use of Technical Analysis
  • Setting up Your Trading Workstation
  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk Management and Trading Management
  • Choosing Your Style of Trading (Day Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading)
  • Selecting between Forex, Futures and Equities and Options