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New to trading, needs advanced training, or currently trading with no money making strategy?

The forex classes offered at CashflowPro provide all that is needed for anyone to learn to trade, from basic information to advanced trading techniques. We are devoted to teaching enthusiastic people an income-generating skillset that can be used for a lifetime.

The program is geared towards both beginners and more experienced traders looking for that edge, or a seasoned professional looking to get paid to trade, we have a course program designed just for you.

The goal of our training is that future traders gain theoretical and practical experience from people who are actively engaged in trading or are active participants in any other way in this attractive profession.

In an effort to make our students aware of the essentials as they learn Forex, and with the aim of providing the best optimal coverage of the topic discussed, our team of experts will constantly update registered members with new material posted to existing lessons. In addition, new curricula will be introduced as the program progresses. Learn to trade with Cashflow-the most innovative and successful way to learn Forex trading.

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About Us

CashflowPro built a team of traders to execute short-term macroeconomic strategies in the post-crisis era of global market volatility while innovation is core to what we do. Placing the highest value on the development of its traders, CashflowPro has created a ground breaking approach to capital markets training, now integral to many of the world’s largest financial institutions. We also aim to disrupt conventional education in finance on a global scale, making it engaging, practical, and relevant to the markets today.

Our range of training courses and private coaching programmes provides individuals with the tools and skills to enable them to develop and execute a personalised trading plan that meets their objectives.



To make Forex Trading program the number one trading hub for anyone wishing to learn and trade the Forex market



To educate, manage and train our clients on various investment strategies in order to
maximize the return on their invested capital while minimizing the overall risk.


Trading success will be achieved far quicker and easier if you can avoid wasting years on fruitless searching


Forex Trading Course programme

Course programs are specially designed for those who want to seriously dive into the dynamic world of FOREX trading. Our course programs will give you proper understanding of market structure, explain what makes prices move and how to trade price movements.

You’ll get professional insight and knowledge into trading the markets with a simple plan that will significantly improve your understanding of price movement on the charts and how best to trade it.

Trading is about developing your own personal methodology and understanding of the price movement of the market and learning how to spot high-probability trading opportunities within it.

We’ll provide the essential knowledge that all investment bank traders learn and then adjust it to your own personality and risk appetite. Armed with this ability, you will be able to look at any price chart and quickly make sense out of it and be ready to trade and make money.

Every element has been designed with one clear objective in mind – to train individuals to trade futures consistently profitably, such that they can pursue a career as a successful professional trader.

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We’ve broken our training program into 3 components to allow people to learn at their own pace. Simply choose the package that corresponds with your goals and get started straight away. You can upgrade any time by simply paying the difference between the two packages.



Benefits Of Taking The Cashflow Pro Course Programme

  • Simple trading strategies that will remove the clutter and confusion from your charts and your mind.
  • Understanding the Price Action of the market will dramatically improve your understanding of market dynamics and open your eyes to the real world of professional trading.
  • ‘Set and forget’ trading approach allows you to remove the potential for human error as well as catch big moves in the market, all while you are at work, school or playing a round of golf if you like.
  • No matter where you are on your trading journey; beginner or experienced veteran, the courses will significantly improve your ability to read and trade the charts.
  • Nothing else is needed, this is a complete stand-alone trading education that will fully equip you to tackle today’s markets.